About Timber Therapy

Timber Therapy is about “recreational forestry”. Working with the land to promote a healthy ecosystem that is resilient to ongoing and future environmental stressors. Not for profit, but for the satisfaction and well-being that physical work in nature can provide. Join me as I recount my learnings and share what has worked for me.

Old logging entrance

Over the last 20 years, beetle kill, drought, and forest fires have altered the landscape and lifecycle of 36 acres of sub-alpine forest located in the foothills of Northern Colorado. Just like the surrounding forests, it is uncertain if the iconic landscape will ever return to its former state. With this in mind, it is important to manage what’s left to promote the future regeneration of native conifer species. Timber Therapy is the result of this journey and my continuing passion to manage this piece of forest in the hope that it will return to its former state and in the process provide learnings, reflections, and the mental peace that can only be achieved when working the land as a “recreational forester”.

Cheers –
J Patrick Moran